I love the imperfections that make things more vibrant and people more human.

I love bursts of laughter, the joy of reunion on the platform of a railway station, tears of joy lost in the crowd gathered to celebrate the happy event.

I love the rain and the melancholy, the sound of the waves breaking on the sand in the early morning, memories captured on paper and forever etched in our memories…

I love the tiny details, meaningless to some people, but which make the day truly unique… Those same details we enjoy looking at a few years later, teary-eyed and overwhelmed with emotion.

In a nutshell, I love to capture the bare moment with all of its sweetness and light…


My photographic style is mainly inspired by the reporting style and by editorial photos.

I try to be as discreet as possible, minimizing the impact of my presence in order to capture truly natural photos of you and your loved ones.

I am limited by no borders and am ready to go anywhere around the world. As long as a beautiful story is taking place, I will be there to keep its memory alive forever.