18 May 2016

My name is Claude Costa. It is every little girl’s dream to meet her charming prince and to get married in a princess’ dress; my own dream was to become a violinist. As a little girl, my older cousins always asked me to play at their weddings. So dedicating my music to lovers as well as to my classical activity was a natural step to take as an adult. When the day of my own wedding arrived, I just couldn’t imagine a ceremony without music…. Without MY piece of music ! Cinema Paradiso, a present I was offering to my husband, our guests, but foremost to our grandmothers who watched us from the magnificant blue sky of Provence.


VIOLINIST : Claude Costa ● WEDDING DESIGNER : L’arrosoir de Margaux ● FLORAL DESIGN : l’arrosoir de Margaux ● DRESS : Maison Capelier ● HAIR&MAKEUP : Louise Merlet VIDEO : RecLife ● VENUE : Le Château de la Beaumetane

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